The Dark Knight Returns (Batman 3)

There has been a topic causing me great anxiety for some time. What if Christopher Nolan doesn’t make a third Batman film?

The man/director-who-can-do-no-wrong would be perfectly within his rights to not make a third film. His refreshing take on the films he makes, doing them to the best of his ability without saving for a sequel, could mean he didn’t have an idea left he wanted to do.

This is the polar opposite of JJ Abrams. Dick. He filmed Klingons for his Star Trek movie then edited them out. He knew, to the reasonable level any human can, what would happen in Lost but knew he could get away with stringing it out for 7 seasons. He is the king of filler. New government guidelines recommend you using him to insulate your house.

The other reason Nolan may want out is the shadow of death. You all know about Ledger, I dearly miss him, but there was also the stuntman Conway Wickliffe was unfortunately killed whilst filming a car chase. A more superstitious person would be tempted to leave the project at this.

But Christopher Nolan is no quitter! Rumours abound of upcoming plot details, bullet time:

  • The Riddler is the main villain
  • The action takes place in Arkham Asylum
  • Guest appearances from the rogues gallery by The Penguin and Mr Freeze
  • Barbara Gordon has a bigger role
  • Dick Grayson is in but not as Robin

This is all shamelessly stolen from IGN. Full credit to them.

I feel a great weight has been lifted from me now that I know Batman 3 is going ahead. Lets hope it breaks the curse of the rubbish three-quel.


PS If you love the Batman, check out Project Rooftop and their article about a new costume for Dick Grayson.

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