Trailer Watch

I’m late to the party. Everyone has already chipped in their two cents about Ole Lantern Head. But why not. If you haven’t already, or want to freshen up, click below.

Ryan Reynolds. Good guy. Liked him since he worked in a pizza place with his mate and a girl. Deadpool was lame but he didn’t ask for freakin’ lazer beams to come out of his eyes. And he was in Blade Trinity. This guy has notched up a lot of comic real estate.

Still, he seems a bit comedy heavy in the trailer. A lot of jokes made about his clothes. Is this going to be more the Proposal than the Nines?

Doesn’t feel like Hal Jordan to me. I don’t have a lot to go on, I’m a noob in the land of Light. Had a quick nosey at Blackest Night recently and thought it was quite cool. I mostly know Hal from the direct-to-dvd voiced by fellow Pizza placer, Nathan Fillion. This seems very different.

Its also not Jon Stewart, and that’s a shame. The Green Lantern is a title, not just one guy. Its a whole police force that patrols the universe. Earth has had a few protectors. Jon made a big impact on me from watching the excellent Justice League cartoon. Here is a clip of Jon kicking arse.

The most important thing is the trailer didn’t really excite me. Somehow it lacked the cool factor. You can remember watching the trailer for Iron Man and the Dark Knight for the first time. They were events in themselves. Green Lantern sort of fell onto the stage. The graphics weren’t quite done and it looks meh.

The worst part has to be the corny, even for comic book movies, dialogue and the guy with the head. Seriously. The f**k?

Next topic.

Your Highness also launched their trailer this week. Like Lantern it has a cool cast. Zooey Deschanel is always a good thing to have in a movie.

James Franco, like Reynolds, has been in three comic book movies. His grossed billions. That has to make to you smile, lucky bastard. (Spider-man if you didn’t get that). Now Spider-man 3 wasn’t all his fault, like Reynolds, but he didn’t help.

The other guy in this trailer is very familiar. He looks like a guy my mum once dated. Seeing him collapse down the stairs made my evil heart smile.

The film looks terrible and awesome. Its either going to be the worst thing since Epic Movie or the new Princess Bride. Say what? Big gauntlet, and I’m throwing it down. What you gonna do about it?

The important thing to remember boys and girls is this: watch this film when you are a little bit drunk. Not completely gone but a little bit merry will help move things along. I call this the Snakes on a Plane factor. The closer a film is to the great concept/big disappointment point the more drunk you need to be.

So long chaps. No real movie reviews because there is nothing I want to see at the cinema at the minute. Nothing. At all.

I do want to see who would win in a fight: James Bond or Indiana Jones.

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