Jackass 3D – Boldly going where no idiot has gone before

I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass.

Jackass 3D is hilarious. That is all you really need to know. And by that I mean it is the most important thing you need to know but should keep reading to find out the details. Details are fun.

So, I saw the film at the cinema in Morecambe. How best to describe Morecambe? A more run down Blackpool. A less great Great Yarmouth. A seaside town that doesn’t even dream of being Brighton because its sub-conscious is that much of a loser.

The cinema was tiny. On;y 8 seats side and a dozen rows deep. This isn’t a problem, viva the indie cinemas. However it wasn’t an independent cinema. It was a wannabe multiplex, with the neon to match. It reminded me of Luton in many ways.

The tickets cost an eye watering £9.30. Ouch. The cinema is no longer a cheap night out by any definition. No one bought any confection from the concession stand.

As I was saying, the film is gut wrenchingly funny. The film is also massively disgusting. Fecal matter, vomit, and every other bodily fluid imaginable is on display in this film. In eye-popping 3D. Eye popping 3D is such a naff phrase, it would be better suited to a review of the new Saw film.

I had to watch certain moments of the film through my fingers. The Lamborghini dentist (much faster than a slammed door), the sweat cocktail (exactly what it sounds like), and the extreme sh*t cocktail were genuinely horrible.

But even when you feel sick you are laughing. Sometimes laughing to stop yourself being sick. I haven’t laughed so much in a jolly long time.

Some of the sketches reminded me of the great silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. The sheer skill on display in death-defying stunts is remarkable. Look I’m literally remarking on them now.

Clip time!

Wasn’t that fun?

Like the greatest clowns there this film is tinged with a macabre feeling. Johnny Knoxville looks tired for a lot of it.The life of an extreme hedonist must be exhausting. He is genuinely having fun but when it goes wrong it goes serious wrong.
In the Invisible Man sketch, Knoxville is in a compound with an enraged bull. Needless to say the bull does its thing and Knoxville is thrown into the air. When he lands the bull stamps down on his head and neck. He is understandably shaken and carries a ‘what am I doing?’ look for a lot of the film.
The Snake Pit is another example of a prank to far. Throwing live snakes on an ophidiophobic is pretty cruel. Whilst the other stunts were entered into voluntarily, and they were able to stop them when it became too much, this one was forced upon him. It crossed the line.
For the most part this is a film about fraternal bonds. A group of friends having a great time. As guys often do they take the joke too far, but their guilty faces and good intentions keep you on their side.
I could be reading far too much into this film but it was an interesting study of male friendship and a tickling of an ancient funny bone. The film floats like a fresh steaming log on a tidal wave. And hey, at least they won’t be arrested for being Communists.

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