Your Least Favourite Film

Day 2 of the film challenge. And it is time to Flame on! No my least favourite film is not the Fantastic Four (although it gives the title a damn good try). My least favourite film is Harry Potter and the God Awful Acting.

Some may say this is a soft target, and it is. Poor dialogue, no suspense, stock characters. You have heard all this criticism before. The films are just not any good.

Don’t get me wrong, I like fantasy. I like the idea of Hogwarts. I like wizards fighting dragons. But do it right. I always knew Harry was going to be ok because he had to make it through 7 books (and 8 films). Hermaphrodite and Ron had to be ok because it was a children’s film. That left us with shoe horning in character’s just so they would die or killing Dumbledoor and he wasn’t even very good at staying dead.

A lot of this criticism could be thrown back at the Lord of the Rings, and rightly so. It has parts where it is down right hammy or the dialogue sucks or you are just willing Frodo to hurry up and get there.  But it always felt epic and important. And they steered away from having too much unresolved sexual tension.

The biggest thing that separates Lord of the Rings from Harry Potter is Harry Potter. He is an immensely irritating character. Played by an immensely irritating, and short, actor. I was going to put a picture of him here but I just dislike him so much I’m going to put an expanse of nothingness as it is a marked improvement on his visage.

Despite it all Potter has some good points, it is a great way for British actors to earn mega bucks. Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, John Hurt, Gary Oldman, Maggie Smith. Too many to count. All the more reason to hate Harry Potter, how can you take that much awesome, rub it with pixie dust, and still end up with a story about a whingy turd?

All those delicious goodies and the films focuses on the goody two-shoes. I really dislike Haemorrhage. Go away, no one likes you! And if you fancy her, you are sick. She is bleedin’ seven years old for Christ’s sake.

Rant over. I am sure I have pissed a lot of people off with this view but I don’t care. Blame the 30 day challenge. Daniel Radcliffe must be stopped. Go read the books, then you are only giving one idiot a big wad of cash.


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