The Dark Knight Rose

I’ve just watched The Dark Knight Rises. Don’t be silly. I just watched it for the second time. I watched it for the first time two days before general release. #winning. I didn’t want to blog about it right away and spoil it for y’all, but now you’ve had ample time to see it for yourself.


Just in case, here be spoilers!




Have they gone?




Good, don’t need the riff raff in.


I want to start this by bragging, I totally called it. Here is my prediction of the plot for Batman III, posted 22 September 2009. All I can say is that Chris certainly had a look at it when putting his script together.


Here is what I prophesied would make it into the film. Bullet points are fun!

  • Talia would be in it

  • Rachel’s death would cause Batman to put away his life as Wayne

  • Bane would be in it, as a member of the league of shadows

  • Talia and Bane would be working together


I love Batman and this love spans every medium he has appeared in. I found it very rewarding when watching TDKR and seeing how seriously Nolan took the comics and how deeply they influenced him. This is something more directors, and writers, have to learn before setting out to make a good superhero film.


Without a great story as the backbone you can get a bloated film that lacks direction. Iron Man 2 and Green Lantern certainly fell victim to this. Read the comics, find what you like, think how to translate it to the screen. Shouldn’t be too hard. When you are dealing with nerdy fanboys you have to be extra vigilant because your audience is already doing this, i.e. this article.


This begs the question, what is next for Bats? Rumours are now circulating about a Justice League film. With Avengers being the third most successful film ever released, Warner Bros. must be licking their lips with anticipation. Marvel took the route of introducing the heroes one by one. This is not an option for the franchise starved DC.


Batman’s legend has ended – for the moment, Green Lantern went out, and Man of Steel looks like it is trying so hard to please everyone that no one will like it at all. So a re-re-re-boot is in order, bringing out all DC’s favourite toys and putting them in one $200 million basket. A harrowing prospect.


Potential plot lines for the Justice League film? Well I can’t think of any good ones. If they go classic it’s an origin story where all the heroes team up to stop an alien invasion (reeks of Avengers rip off) or they go modern and it’s an origin story where all the heroes team up to stop an alien invasion (Avengers rip off, but more modern). In the first case it’s Martians, in the second it is the forces of Darkseid.


Both those options suck. I loved the Justice League DCAU cartoon. My favourite stories were just too far out, or too far reliant on previous knowledge of the characters to make it as the first film. Sequels would be great to see: For the Man Who has Everything, Justice Lords, Once and Furute Thing. Doesn’t help Warner Bros. with their current quandary – how do we get Batman back on the big screen as quickly as possible?


Non Justice League options include: Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, or a World’s Finest film. I am not an expert here so I don’t really want to say. If I get any ideas I’ll be getting in touch with DC directly. Obviously I know how to write good Batman.


That’s all folks.

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