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Hello world!

August 27, 2009

AntBuoy blog

What you can expect

Welcome to AntBuoy’s first blog. Ever. Here you will find reviews for films and theatre, with a rating based on their buoyancy. You have lots of places to go to get reviews for films before they come out (I’m not going to tell you where though), but only here will you get a review of the film, the cinema, my impressions of my fellow film goers and anything else that happened during my film experience.

Rating System

  • Walking on water. A film so good it must have divine intervention

  • Doing the butterfly. Top of the class, well worth the ticket price.

  • Doggy paddle. Holds its own but not a favourite.

  • Floundering. Disappointing, has a few fits of life but is doomed to sink.

  • Trawling the briny depths. A horror with no redeeming qualities.

Reviews are tricky as they are only ever one person’s opinion. To see how we stack up here are some example films that meet each category.

WOW: Godfather 2. The Dark Knight. American Beauty. The Life Aquatic. LotR Fellowship of the Ring. Serenity. Hero.

Butterfly: Lucky Number Slevin. Pulp Fiction. X-men 2. Fight Club. Toy Story.

Doggy: Clerks 2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Little Miss Sunshine.

Flounder: Transformers.

Trawler: Transformers 2.

I think you get the idea. I am a massive geek of almost every genre. If it expresses an interesting idea I’ll be interested in seeing it.

That covers some of the basics. I’ll also be telling you interesting anecdotes about how I royally embarrass myself. Not to mention the times I put my life in mortal danger. As a wannabe writer/director I will also expose you to my latest offerings. Hope you enjoy the ride.