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DC Entertainment – Jealous of all of Marvel’s free press

September 9, 2009

Disney buys Marvel and now Warner Bros is cracking the whip with its comic superpower DC. I know a decision like this takes months of planning but it looks a lot like the exec are screaming “Marvel are killing us, let’s do what they are doing.”

There aren’t a lot of details at the minute but basically DC Entertainment is born. Its role is to govern over all the DC characters when they aren’t busy in comic books. This new division will over see: films, games and cartoons. This raises a lot of important issues, but what really stands out is films. If you’ve follow geeky film news like I do, you’ve probably seen rumours of Wonder Woman, Flash and the big old Justice League come and go over the last few years. Now they properties are getting pulled back in and will likely the same sort of co-ordination as Marvel is attempting with its own Avengers’ films.



What about games and cartoons? Batman: Arkham Asylum has just come out and is a critical darling. It’s also setting records in how fast its selling. Win. The big question over at DC is why aren’t all their games like this. This is a question asked by the fans as much as the big wigs. If better planning will turn into better games than everyone wins. I think Mortal Kombat vs DC was a bit of a wash out and hopefully they have learnt from that. DC’s direct to dvd cartoon’s have been good lately. I can see those being used as a template for how other properties should be handled.

With the exception of Batman, DC has been having it rough lately. No Wonder Woman film. No Justice League. No Flash. But it looks like this is a big move to change it all around. Green Lantern, yes. Batman 3, yes. Wonder Woman, yes? Lets hope so.

Ant-Buoy away!

Ant-Buoy away!

Completely unrelated closing point: Gossip is going round that Ant-Man may be turned into a Pixar film. That is such a cool idea. And look at his name! I should be his freakin’ sidekick.


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