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Disney buys Marvel

September 1, 2009

I am a massive geek. I play computer games, watch a lot of movies and more than anything, I love comic books. I have a very tiny collection of comics but I watch over my favourite heroes from my mighty office chair through the great viewing glass offered to me by the internet.

I was very surprised when I read the headline saying that Disney had bought Marvel. Even more surprised when I saw it was for $4 billion. Way to go Spidey!

Seeing as how Disney wanted to branch out to the young male audience, the decision was  a no brainer. What was odd was that Marvel was willing to sell. For years they have been clawing back control of their intellectual property from film studios who haven’t treated them with the respect they deserve.

From what I’ve read it sounds like Disney is happy to take a back seat approach to Marvel. They seem to be trying to copy the business model between that of DC and Warner Bros. Marvel has done extremely well in the last decade so here is hoping that Disney will adopt a “if it ain’t broke” attitude.

Mixing Disney and Marvel will provide some interesting outcomes. I’d love to go on an Avengers ride by the time the film comes out. Having Sora meet Spidey in Kingdom Hearts is also setting my geek heart a flutter. Not really looking forward to seeing Mickey Mouse in his own Iron Man armour, that is not quite as cool.

If this means that comics will now be circulated in a wider area, I’ll be very happy. It wouldn’t be hard to get a comic stand in every Disney store all over the world. Sweet.


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