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Avengers Assemble!!

April 27, 2012

Summer has started. Welcome to the Avengers Initiative. Funny how they were called the Avengers before they had anything to avenge, Nick Fury must have had a bad feeling about this.

That was my lame ass attempt at Buffy speak. But you don’t need to listen to me, we have Joss Whedon’s brain. The dialogue was like music to my ears. I think Buffy really reshaped comedy for my generation. That sounds hugely hyperbolic but it has changed how we speak, not even kidding a little bit.

By now you know if you like Buffy speak or you don’t. Luckily the film has huge special effects and some superfolk you may have heard of before to draw in the crowd too. And, boy, did it pull in a crowd. I went for a matinee thinking it would be quieter but I haven’t had the displeasure of an audience that annoying for a while. Rustlers, talkers, frequent pee-ers, and even two people who walked out never to return.

Very strange to walk out on a film this good. Green Lantern or Transformers x (where x is any value greater than 1), sure. But this is the film where they did the Hulk right! You know how they improved it instantly? No Betty Ross and the slightest hint of intellect when Hulked out. The new guy does a good job in the role but I couldn’t help but wonder how Norton would have looked with these advantages.

Maybe Betty was going to be in there but she didn’t make the cut against the huge number of characters. Deep breath now: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Thor, Loki, Mouth of Sauron, Hulk, Captain America. Twelve characters in a two hour run time means ten minutes each, no remainder for puny love interests.

Some characters get more screen time than others but it is incredible they pulled that off. There was one odd moment of editing where Cap was on a jet and I had no idea why they showed him to us. Seconds later he was upside down and on fire. Cutting straight to that would have been weird. What else is weird is how much you get used to seeing a character upside down and on fire. Happens quite a bit actually.

Another weird bit of editing comes half way through the film where we montage quickly through some focus group called ‘dull mushy stuff’. We come out the other side repaired, emotionally and physically, and ready for battle. Thing is Thor is absent for this montage which must have atleast lasted an hour or two. So a god on Earth alone with a couple of hours to do? What is he going to do? He booty called Natalie Portman. Who wouldn’t?

Marvel is famous for its Easter eggs and we get a bunch here. I won’t spoil them but I counted a few. Some of which not so subtlety points towards the giant sequel looming over us like a giant space lizard thing. There is an after credit scene. If you didn’t know that you are not much a geek. You don’t have to wait very long and it is worth seeing.

A superhero film, or any film, is only as good as its villains. Whedon does a fantastic job of raking up tension and stakes but it still didn’t make the villain live up to the Joker. Inevitably that is what all comic book films are compared to. The Bat casts a long shadow, one he may not even be able to escape later this Summer. Loki has some good moments but his motivation feels too arbitrary. He becomes a cackling bad guy rather than the more interesting character we saw in Thor.

That had me scratching my head for who could be a bigger threat next time round. The post-credit scene answered that, but it could be a problem. Like Superman, when you have this much power how do you compete? Avengers Assemble is like the big Summer crossover events we get in the comics. They have there place but it favours smashing over deep story telling.

The group works well together and I’ll be watching more of their films in the future. I had fairly low expectations for the film and they did go far beyond those. The banter makes the film a lot of fun but not incredibly memorable. The big attack on New York felt like watching Team America. Like it was 911 times a thousand. I realise that is poor taste but the property damage on show here would run into billions. Whose paying for all that? Disney that’s who, when they line their pockets with all our cash. Keep employing Joss Whedon and I can’t give you my money quickly enough.