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Princess and the Revolt

February 13, 2010

Howdy folks. How you all doing? Its 2010, if you hadn’t noticed yet. It looks like its going to be a good year for movies, well better than last years. Really looking forward to: Inception, Kick-Ass and Toy Story 3. Check out the latest Toy Story trailer here

Any who. I’ve been to see some movies lately. Since you are such a clever bunch I bet you can guess which ones from the title of this post. Got it yet? Good. Then read on.

Youth In Revolt. Indie comedy staring Michael Cera. Now that could be any Michael Cera film, I’ll narrow it down. Its the one that is out in cinemas now and has Cera trying something a little new.

Sure he still plays the socially awkward dweeb who constantly talks into his own shows but now he has developed a persona to win the affections of an equally maladjusted young lady. Enter Françoise.

Françoise is really the star of Youth in Revolt. He has some great dialogue which made me uncomfortable to be watching this movie with my sister. He is a rude mother flipper. He also blows up stuff, always a plus.

Our hero is after Sheenie, a cute girl who lives with her Christian fanatic parents and drug peddling brother. She wants a little danger in her life. Did I mention she is called Sheenie? I have a good friend called Sheenie and I got excited every time her name was mentioned. Got to appreciate the little things.

About that. They tell you to appreciate the little things and then in the same breath utter “simple things…” under their breath. Its quite a complicated breathing regime, alright? Only “simple minds” can rattle off clichés as sage wisdom. Douche bags.

So I saw the film in old faithful Luton. Security has got slack. Managed to smuggle in three bags of quasi-nutritious candy. Peanut M&Ms, Maltesers and Minstrels. A mighty menage a trois of magnificently moreish morsels. Mmmm.

I ate so much candy that my stomach hurt before the trailers even started. Had to take the sweets away from then on. Luckily I had a super refreshing beverage on hand. An experimental mix of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. I will continue to test varying ratios of each to find the world’s best soft drink.

Dr Pepper holds the title at present.

Youth In Revolt was more like Juno than Superbad (as it was claimed in the promotional material). The film was full of witty ‘movie’ dialogue which is too slick to be found in real life. That just makes it more fun.

My advice is to rent this movie on dvd, laugh a bit and have plenty of candy on hand to get your sugar rush on. Its keeping its head above water.


Kirby boxing can only mean one thing, bonus second review!
Youth in the frog

Doesn’t that just make you feel dirty?

Princess and the Frog requires no candy. It is a celluloid sugar rush. Every frame is smothered in the stuff. Its a new and improved recipe, dredged up from the 1990s. It is still delicious and now less likely to lead to unrealistic ambitions about life and racism.

It still have people getting married after knowing each other for 24 hours. Somethings never change.

Prince Naveen is a funny character. I don’t think Disney have had such an interesting Prince character since Aladdin. Shadow Man is a scary villain, with a groovy dance number. Tiana is as pure as the sun glistening on virgin snow in a West Virginian Amish town.

When I went to see the movie I was the only adult there without a child. My good friend Jo keeps insisting she is six but her birth certificate keeps telling me otherwise. There were two immaculately dressed Chinese men there without children but they didn’t look happy. I theorised they were animation students doing research on what Disney had up their sleevse.

The songs in P+F are cute but not life changing. They don’t have quite the same hook as Menkin’s did back in the Disney revival days of Hercules, Lion King and Aladdin.

Disney has moved into the 21st century. And the recession. You must now work for your dreams to come true. Wishing doesn’t cut it any more. Princess and the Frog is sitting on a lily pad covered in mucus.

Good to be back.